Mental health is an issue that is directly related to the quality of our lives and work. Not only physical health but also mental health is also an aspect that we need to pay special attention to. And according to the advice of psychologists, to nurture a healthy and relaxed mind, you should learn the following 5 happiness rules.

5 happiness rules to help foster mental health

1. Try to connect with the community

It is a fact that we have not fully appreciated the importance of the community element in spiritual life. However, if we are out of balance in this respect, we can face many health risks comparable to the harms of smoking. Eating right and exercising regularly is necessary but not enough conditions for good health. All will become meaningless if you have a life separate from the outside world.

5 happiness rules to help foster mental health

Volunteering, signing up for an extracurricular class, or prioritizing time with loved ones can strengthen your social bonds. Join the activity you love, then the community connection will happen naturally (Photo: Internet)

2. Learn to balance emotions

When a negative emotion occurs, instead of finding a way to face it, we tend to avoid it. However, the more we cover up our sadness, the bigger it gets and slowly gnaws at our minds. And yet, this habit also leads to other physical diseases such as stomach pain caused by excessive stress, depression, etc.

Psychologists recommend learning how to balance emotions, and the first thing you need to do on this journey is to get rid of negative emotions and relieve stress. There are many ways to get through a stressful period such as practicing deep breathing, directing yourself to positive thinking, and sharing with loved ones about your worries.

3. Listen to yourself more

In addition to paying attention to creating social connections, deepening the connection with yourself is equally important. Finding a sense of inner peace allows us to navigate the ups and downs in life. We all understand how beneficial a positive attitude can be. It not only helps increase work efficiency but also reduces the risk of diseases such as depression, heart attack, stroke, etc. Therefore, after a long day outside, don’t forget to take time to listen to yourself. To understand what I need.

5 happiness rules to help foster mental health

According to psychologists, meditation is a useful measure to nourish the spirit. You can practice this subject to bring positive emotions to yourself (Image: Internet)

4. Let’s build relationships

Humans cannot live in isolation from the collective. Regardless of your situation, you need to interact and connect with people – that’s the nature of life. Relationships with yourself, with friends, and with family all mean a lot to every aspect of your short- and long-term health.

To build a good relationship, always put yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand them better. Besides, you need to realize what relationships are meaningful and learn to cherish those who love you. On the contrary, people who bring only negative emotions should not be in your area of interest anymore.

5. Build a healthy diet and increase exercise

According to nutritionists, building and following a healthy diet will help you create a balance both emotionally and physically.

Accordingly, the nutritional rule that you should pay attention to is to eat a variety of colorful plants to provide vitamins and minerals, as well as many beneficial antioxidant compounds, through green leafy vegetables. , fruit, red meat, seafood,…

5 happiness rules to help foster mental health

And remember that when processing, instead of frying or frying with a lot of fat, you should choose to boil or steam for a frugal meal, limit eating a lot of salt, and replace animal oils with vegetable oils to have healthy ingredients. healthy meals (Photo: Internet)

Besides healthy eating, exercise is an integral part of good health and a supple body. Today, there are many training trends from vibrant gymnastics movements, and energy-burning cardio exercises to slow forms of exercise like yoga, and meditation. Whichever method you choose, all of them bring you many benefits such as lowering blood pressure, lowering blood cholesterol, limiting bone and joint diseases, etc.


You see, spiritual nourishment seems to be difficult, but in reality, it is much easier to do than we think. As long as you diligently follow the above 5 rules, your life will be more positive, helping to improve health and prolong life.

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