Hormones have the function of maintaining the beauty and youth of women and are also a “mirror” to help reflect the health and physiological status of women. Because holding such an extremely important role, do not forget to do these 5 things every day – help maintain hormonal balance in the body.

When women realize that they are showing “ugly” signs, such as the appearance of many wrinkles and acne on the skin, belly fat, emotional disturbances, menstrual disorders, and sagging skin, … then it is highly likely that women are suffering from hormonal disorders.

5 things to help women stabilize hormones

Hormonal disorders can also appear in young people, especially those with unhealthy habits and lifestyles.

According to the medical literature, hormonal disorders occur when levels of the hormone estrogen* go up too high, or fall too low in the body. Usually, the decline in estrogen is the most common – considered the main cause of many negative changes to the physical, physiological, and beauty health of women. The main cause is aging – causing the function of the ovaries to decline, stopping the production of estrogen. Occurs mostly in female subjects entering the age of 35, perimenopause, and menopause.

And perhaps everyone knows, fading beauty is the “number one enemy” of women. So what to do for women to minimize the hormonal disorder – the cause of the above ugly manifestations? Health experts answered it is enough for you to persevere in doing these 5 things every day.

Women should do these 5 things every day to help balance hormones in the body

Hormones balance is the best way to help women maintain their beauty and health. Therefore, if the hormonal disorder does not occur, everyone must adhere to a moderate lifestyle, practice healthy daily habits such as:

1. Proper nutrition

A balanced and healthy diet is always good for general health, helps prevent many diseases, and especially helps maintain stable hormone levels in the female body. Women should remember to increase colorful vegetables and fruits to supplement fiber and vitamins.

And of course, actively limit eating sweets or foods with a high glycemic index, this will help limit the aging process.

5 things to help women stabilize hormones

In particular, women should increase their intake of foods rich in omega-3 and vitamin E (found in fatty fish, avocados, vegetable oils, nuts, etc.), to enhance the body’s natural hormones.

2. Limit the use of cosmetics

Cosmetics used incorrectly or overused can lead to an imbalance of female hormones because some chemicals in cosmetics can affect hormones in the human body. Better yet, people should limit the use of cosmetics to protect their health, this will also help the skin “breathe”, avoiding acne.

If the nature of your work forces you to wear makeup every day, remember to choose to buy safe cosmetics, ensure the origin, prioritize natural ingredients, and avoid cosmetics with strong detergents that can cause skin pigmentation. At the same time, remember to remove makeup thoroughly before going to bed, so that the skin can breathe. Take care of your skin, and moisturize it properly.

3. Keep a healthy weight by exercising regularly

According to health experts, excessive weight gain or obesity is directly linked to hormonal imbalances, which can lead to complications with insulin sensitivity and reproductive health. Therefore, in addition to adequate nutrition, women should pay attention to regular exercise for at least 45 minutes a day, or at least 3 days a week to keep a reasonable weight, to ensure the function of hormone production in the ovaries.

5 things to help women stabilize hormones

But you should remember to exercise moderately, avoiding excessive exercise will easily backfire. Some typical sports that women can participate in are: yoga, swimming, cycling, running/walking, table tennis, dancing,…

4. Stop staying up late

One of the common harms of staying up late is skin aging – which is a nightmare for all of us.

Specifically, staying up late or not sleeping enough will make the regulation process in skin cells take place erratically, disrupting the function of the epidermis cells, accelerating the aging process, causing the skin to become dull, quickly sagging, lacking elasticity as well as causing wrinkles on the skin.

In particular, it also reduces moisture and pH of the skin, causing an imbalance of nutrients, causing the skin to not be provided with enough moisture along with necessary nutrients. And it is also the cause of skin redness and even irritation.

Staying up late can make your skin suffer severe damage. Therefore, we women should be “lazy” to stay up late, and “hard” to sleep early so that our health is always stable and always young, healthy and beautiful.

5. Drink water diligently

Everyone knows that water is very important in health care, including skin health. Drinking enough water every day will help hydrate the skin from the inside, helping the skin to be full of life.

Especially in the hot summertime like now, dry skin due to lack of water will easily happen. Over time, causing wrinkles and sagging skin.. Therefore, you should work hard and learn to drink enough 2 – 2.5 liters of water per day to ensure that your body – especially your skin is always replenished with the necessary amount of water.


Women should not worry too much when the body suddenly appears “ugly” conditions caused by endocrine disorders. First of all, just adjusting your lifestyle and regularly doing the above 5 things can effectively improve this situation. However, if you feel that your symptoms are worsening and not improving with basic solutions, it shows that your body is unstable, it is best to see a doctor for timely diagnosis and treatment.

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