Many people have the habit of being lazy to eat breakfast because they think it’s just a normal meal, eat it or not. This is very worrying, letting the body go hungry after a long night can put our body and health at risk, leading to the following problems.

It is not unreasonable that many nutritionists always emphasize the importance of breakfast, even calling it the most important meal of the day. Partly because this is the first meal after a long time (from 10-12 hours), counting from the last meal the day before; Part of that is because all the activities we usually do take place more in the morning. Therefore, to have enough energy to start a new day effectively, the body needs adequate nutrition to create energy. If we intentionally skip breakfast, in the long run, we will face a lot of health problems.

The habit of skipping breakfast can cause the following 7 health problems

1. Gastric ulcers

According to medical experts, our body will be completely empty because the food of the previous day’s last meal has been digested after a night of about 8-10 hours. However, the gastric acid in the stomach (which helps promote digestion) will still be secreted evenly. If you do not eat breakfast to empty your stomach, the amount of gastric juice that has been secreted before will accumulate and damage the stomach wall, easily causing ulcers.

7 potential health risks stemming from regularly skipping breakfast

People with stomach disease, if they skip breakfast regularly, it will make the previous ulcers more affected, making the disease worse.

For people who already have stomach diseases, the habit of skipping breakfast makes the condition worse. A lot of gastric juice is secreted without food to mix, which will affect the previous inflammation, causing damage and causing pain.

2. Accelerate the aging process

Without breakfast, our body does not have an energy supply from the outside, which forces the body to use stored sugar and protein to be ready for all activities. In the long run, it will make the surface of the skin dry and cracked because of a lack of nutrients, and the body will also wrinkle quickly due to the loss of many nutrients. This is a condition of premature aging, often appearing in people who often skip breakfast.

3. Fatigue, lack of concentration

7 potential health risks stemming from regularly skipping breakfast

Lazy breakfast is one of the common reasons why we lack energy, causing distraction in every morning

Breakfast is the main source of energy for the brain’s activities, the habit of being lazy to eat breakfast can cause the body to lack nutrients and not have the strength to perform normal activities. Skipping breakfast for a long time also makes the body tired, and lowers blood sugar, making the brain unable to concentrate, mentally unexcited, and slow to react.

Besides being tired, the habit of not eating breakfast also makes us feel bad, stressed, irritable, and irritable. At this time, we will tend to crave foods high in sugar to regain energy and thereby leading to many consequences such as overweight, obesity, increased blood sugar.

4. Causes Obesity

Many people mistakenly believe that skipping breakfast will help you lose weight – because you don’t have to absorb fat and starch. In fact, it is this habit that is one of the causes of obesity in many people.

The reason is that when we skip breakfast, the body will require to eat more at lunch and dinner to provide enough nutrition according to the body’s needs. But after eating, we do not have many opportunities to be physically active, making the amount of food inside the body can not be digested, leading to the accumulation of excess fat, which gradually causes obesity. Even skipping breakfast makes many people tend to eat a lot of sweets to fuel the body for the next meal.

5. Weakened immune system

7 potential health risks stemming from regularly skipping breakfast

If you skip breakfast continuously, it will make the body’s immunity and resistance severely decline, thereby creating conditions for pathogens to attack, develop and cause disease risk.

Because there is no additional energy source for the body in the early morning, the body is forced to draw energy reserves from the liver, leaving the liver in an overworked state. If you do not eat breakfast, by about 9-10 am, the body will appear nauseous and hangover and blood pressure will drop, causing serious damage to the digestive system. Meanwhile, the digestive system has the ability to affect the human immune system, because the gut microbiota has a very important role in the production of immune cells of the body.

6. Risk of cardiovascular diseases

A study published in the American Medical Association journal Jama found that people who regularly skip breakfast are 27% more likely to have a sudden heart attack, and have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. 87% more than those who ate a full breakfast.

This is because skipping breakfast can cause low blood sugar, or increase blood pressure leading to clogged arteries. Clogged arteries over time can cause cardiovascular diseases, or lead to many life-threatening complications such as heart attack, and stroke.

7. Increases the risk of diabetes

Many studies show that people who have a habit of skipping breakfast are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who eat a full breakfast.

Many studies show that skipping breakfast even for a day can make us face the risk of diabetes by up to 6%. And it will increase more, even 50-60% if we skip breakfast continuously for 4-5 days. The reason is that the habit of skipping breakfast can greatly increase the risk of insulin resistance.

According to the researchers, insulin is a hormone responsible for processing blood sugar, which is most effective in the morning; and eating breakfast is seen as a way to stimulate the body’s insulin secretion. Skipping breakfast can cause many disruptions in the stimulation and function of insulin, thereby raising blood sugar levels and leading to the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Breakfast is very important for us, helping to provide energy for the body, and avoiding fatigue – distraction to get an effective day. Therefore, people should not skip breakfast. Those who have this habit should quit immediately, otherwise it will cause the body to face many health problems.

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