An island full of mystery but poetic beauty. The thing is that no one can set foot on this island, there have been terrible consequences that happen and not only stop at the punishment of the law.

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, there is a very wild, very beautiful island, and it is owned by India.
But the thing is that the Indian government does not allow anyone to set foot on this island, the problem is not only being punished by Indian law but it also has many mysteries around the island.

Island dangerous that is forbidden for anyone to set foot on

Historically, foreigners have tried to land on the island many times but almost all failed

What is the name of that mysterious island?

North Sentinel Island is the island we just talked about this island is covered with jungle and very unspoiled. Many people are unable to set foot on this island because of the indigenous people living there. These natives are ready to attack anyone who enters the territory of the island

People here have no contact with the outside world. It is worth mentioning that they do not allow any civilization to affect the island of these people. The natives are very hostile to outsiders, they can attack anyone if they want to set foot on the island with bows and arrows. Many people also share that no one who has ever set foot on this island can come back.

In 2006, there were 2 fishermen shipwrecked, and then these 2 people drifted to this island, But unfortunately for 2 fishermen when they arrived on this island, they were killed by the natives here. The islanders do not welcome anyone, nor do the people of the outside world understand anything about the island. Because the forest is so dense, all information about this tribe is almost hidden. With the above dangers, science has almost no information about this ethnic group.

Origin of the Sentinel people on No

The Sentinels are indigenous people living on North Sentinel Island. The Sentinel people are considered to be one of the few extant peoples that interact with the outside world and maintain their traditional customs dating back thousands of years.

The exact origins of the Sentinel people are still unknown and unknown. Due to their mystery and limited interaction with the outside world, information about their origins and history is very limited. What we know about the Sentinels is mainly based on remote observations, historical events, and limited encounters with a few extraterrestrials.

Island dangerous that is forbidden for anyone to set foot on

The islanders do not welcome anyone.

Perhaps the Sentinels have lived on North Sentinel Island for thousands, possibly thousands of years, without significant interaction with the outside world. They are believed to be closely related to other indigenous peoples of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands but still retain their own culture and language.

The Sentinel people have attracted great attention from the international community in recent years, mainly due to their privacy and protective personalities. The Government of India has adopted a special protection policy for North Sentinel Island. It does not allow foreigners to access this island to protect the Sentinel community and avoid potential health and cultural risks for them.

Due to limited research and interaction with the Sentinels, information about their origins and specific development history remains an unanswered question. Protecting the privacy and independence of the Sentinels is an important goal of the Indian government and the international community.

How was Sentinel Island discovered?

In 1867, an East India Company cargo ship had just sailed to the Bay of Bengal when it was suddenly blown by strong winds. All crew members on board did not react in time and then the ship capsized. The crew members jumped into the sea to find a way to survive. These people had accidentally rummaged through North Sentinel Island.

It was the beauty of the island that made these people forget that terrible things had just happened to them. And according to British custom, every island they found would become a British colony.
These Britons also felt that the island was inhabited. There is a lot of fruit. So now they believe that the people on this island will soon become slaves to the British like the other islands.
But their thoughts were soon shattered when arrows fell from the sky like raindrops, followed by a group of black people staring at them with fierce eyes.
Although the brothers all have pistols, it is still difficult to resist the attack of the indigenous people on this island. Within three days of fighting, fewer and fewer British were left alive.
On the fourth day, a passing American freighter heard gunfire and rescued the remaining British survivors. After this incident, many mysteries about this island have arisen.

Explore the island of Sentinel

Island dangerous that is forbidden for anyone to set foot on

A 26-year-old American missionary John Allen Chou attempted to land on the island several times despite warnings.

In November 2018, John Allen Chau organized a self-sufficient journey to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the purpose of which was to contact and convert the Sentinels, an indigenous community living on Sentinel Island. John Allen Chau hired a group of fishermen to bring him close to the island and then went swimming from there on his own. During his approach, he brought camera sets, bread, and some items to give to the Sentinels.

However, when approaching the island, John Allen Chau was suddenly hit with an arrow by the Sentinels and died on the spot. The Indian authorities tried to retrieve his body but encountered great resistance and difficulty from the Sentinels. For security and cultural reasons, the Indian authorities have decided not to take any action to punish or approach the Sentinels.

This incident has raised global concern about the Sentinels and Sentinel Islands, as well as the issue of accessing and interacting with isolated indigenous peoples.

The Government of India believes that the Sentinelese people are one of the most primitive human races on Earth, they have the right to maintain their way of life and beliefs and should not be altered or interfered with by force.
However, some people have a different view of the Sentinelese. They believe that, as human beings, the Sentinelese should enjoy the benefits and progress brought about by modern civilization, instead of continuing to live in backwardness and poverty. They believe that the Indian government should take some measures to gradually establish contact and trust with the Sentinelese people, allowing them to receive basic services such as education and medical care while improving their quality of life and happiness.
They believe that doing so is not only caring and helping the Sentinelese people but also contributing to and promoting human civilization. These two views have their rationale and basis, as well as their shortcomings and risks. We cannot judge which views are right or wrong, nor can we predict what changes or outcomes will occur in the future.

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