Fortnite is the king of collaborations. This game has cooperated with other games, movie studios, comic book studios, and even real-world icons to bring famous characters into its interesting battle. The collaborations of Fortnite and other media outside of this brand are mainly in form of cosmetic items. However, sometimes these cooperations also launched new weapons, game modes, or even entire seasons. In 2023, Fortnite continued to release a number of collaborations with famous brands. Let looking back and find the best crossover of Fortnite in 2023.
⦁ Fortnite x Marvel
The crossover between Fortnite and Marvel is unarguably one of the best collaborations of not only 2023 but all time. As of 2023, there are 49 Marvel skins brought to players in Fortnite. Almost the entirety of the Avengers as well as other Marvel characters have appeared in Fortnite as skins. Fortnite and Marvel even cooperated to create a series of Marvel Zero Point comics, which was inspired by much of the game’s lore.

⦁ Fortnite x DC
DC is no less than Marvel, become one of the partners of Fortnite to create many amazing collaborations. From Batman, Joker, and Harley Quinn to Black Adam, they have made several appearances in Fortnite Battle Royale. There are about 21 skins of DC in Fortnite as of 2021, which make DC one of the largest contributors of collab skins. Although DC has not recently appeared much in Fortnite, Fortnite x DC keeps being one of the most favorite crossovers in the Battle Royale game.

⦁ Fortnite x Star Wars
Star Wars is a legendary epic space opera multimedia franchise whose characters are always a favorite among players. Fortnite and Star Wars have not only one collaboration but also many crossovers which brought from Mandalorian and Darth Vader to Han Solo and Leia into the game. Fortnite even chooses May 4 of every year to celebrate this franchise.

⦁ Fortnite x Stranger Things
With the return of Stranger Things Season 3 on Netflix, Fortnite has taken Chief Hopper and Demogorgon into the game. However, the entire set of Stranger Things x Fortnite set cost a hefty price of 3,200 V-Bucks. Regardless of this price, many players decided to purchase Stranger Things set without any hesitation. Many players also expect to see some new skins in the Item Shop soon.

⦁ Fortnite x Ariana Grande
Fortnite and Ariana Grande had many wonderful collaborations and their crossover in 2023 is one of these. The Rift Tour concert by Ariana Grande was one of the best in-game concerts where players have the opportunity to enjoy the live event and the Ariana Grande skin. The Spacefarer Ariana Grande skin of pop princess cost 2,500 V-Bucks in the Item shop. This collaboration not only attracts many Fortnite fans but also Ariana fans.

In addition to the below collaborations, Fortnite cooperated with loads of other franchises, games, and real-world icons such as Marshmellon, Travis Scott, League of Legends, Rick and Morty, and others to release a number of wonderful collaborations. The Season 4 of Fortnite will start in December 2023 with many expectations of new collaboration.

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