Grand Theft Auto V is a massive open-world game with a plethora of features, characters, and activities. However, like most games, not everything that was initially planned for the game made it into the final product. This article will explore some of the things that were cut out of GTA V, why they were removed, and how they could have impacted the game if they were included.

  1. Casino

One of the most notable cut features of GTA V is the casino. The casino was initially planned to be a fully functioning location in the game, complete with slot machines, table games, and even horse racing. However, due to legal concerns, the casino was removed from the game.

The casino was originally intended to be located in Vinewood, near the racetrack, and would have provided players with another form of entertainment and a way to earn money. It’s unclear how the casino would have worked, but it’s possible that players could have bet on races, played games like blackjack or poker, or even had the opportunity to own and operate their own casino.

  1. Animals

In earlier versions of GTA V, animals such as dogs, cats, and even sharks were planned to be included in the game. However, due to technical limitations and difficulties in programming animal AI, these features were cut.

The inclusion of animals in the game could have added a new level of realism and immersion to the world of Los Santos. Players could have interacted with pets, hunted wildlife for sport or for survival, or even encountered dangerous predators like sharks while swimming in the ocean.

  1. Customizable Tattoos

GTA V allows players to customize their characters in a variety of ways, including clothing, hairstyles, and even car modifications. However, one feature that was cut from the game was customizable tattoos.

Originally, players were supposed to be able to create and design their own tattoos, choosing the design, size, and placement on their character’s body. This feature was cut, likely due to time constraints and the complexity of designing a tattoo creation system that would work seamlessly with the game’s engine.

  1. Playable Police Officer

In GTA V, players take on the roles of criminals, performing various illegal activities throughout the game’s story. However, in earlier versions of the game, players were also supposed to be able to play as police officers.

The inclusion of a playable police officer could have provided players with a unique perspective on the game’s world and story. Players could have experienced the game’s events from the opposite side of the law, working to apprehend criminals and maintain order in the city.

  1. Cut Missions

Like most open-world games, GTA V features a variety of missions and activities for players to complete. However, there were several missions that were cut from the game’s final version for various reasons.

One such mission was called “The Suicide Mission,” which involved the player attempting to stop a terrorist attack on the city’s train system. Another mission, “The Extraction,” involved the player rescuing a kidnapped celebrity from a group of armed thugs.

The inclusion of these cut missions could have added more depth and variety to the game’s story and gameplay. It’s unclear why these missions were cut, but it’s likely due to time constraints, budget limitations, or changes in the game’s overall design.

  1. Additional Vehicles

GTA V features a vast array of vehicles for players to use, including cars, motorcycles, planes, and boats. However, there were several vehicles that were cut from the game’s final version.

One such vehicle was the Hydra, a VTOL jet that was originally planned to be included in the game. The Hydra was designed to be a highly maneuverable and versatile aircraft, capable of both hovering and supersonic flight.

Another vehicle that was cut was the BMX bike, which was supposed to be a low-cost and fun mode of transportation for players. The BMX bike would have allowed players to perform tricks and stunts, adding a new level of gameplay and entertainment to the game.

Overall, while the inclusion of these cut features may have been desirable, it’s important to remember that game development is a complex process with many factors to consider. Regardless, GTA V remains a highly successful and beloved game, and its massive open world and diverse gameplay mechanics continue to entertain players to this day.

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